Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Best year ever to enter the Student Contest

Why is it the best year ever to enter the Algonquin Read Student Contest?

Well, the student contest is a chance to win money, and get published!  Every year, we hold the contest for students, to submit entries that are either creative in nature (written, performed, drawn,etc) or critical (critical essay, journalistic piece).  The entries are to be 'inspired' by the current Algonquin Reads book of the year.  And by inspired, we mean this in many, many ways. The entries to the contest can be in the same theme or similar characterization or settings as the chosen book. The critical essay can discuss any aspect of the book, as the student sees fit.

So this means, lots of reading right? You have to have read that book, before you can do something for the contest, right?

Well, that's why this year is so great - because the book this year is Alice Munro's book, The View from Castle Rock.  And this book is a collection of SHORT STORIES.

Aha ! So now you see the good part right?  You really only have to read ONE of the stories and base your creative or critical piece on that one story!

And luckily, Reading Week is coming up!  So get reading, and get creative!  Or critical!

I hope you will consider entering the Algonquin Reads Student Contest. Win $150 cash prizes.  Potentially get published in Algonquin Times.  

Need more info? Email me:  merriah [at] algonquincollege.com  (written this way so spammers can't find me so easily.... I hope)

Good luck to you!

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