Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Greetings from Perth!

We've had some great recommendations in the past few weeks...

The moon and sixpence - Somerset Maugham
The amazing (loosely-based) tale of Paul Gaugin, a father and businessman who leaves his life behind to become an artist and live in Tahiti. Great book!

Still Alice - Lisa Genova
Amazing book! This book gives a heartbreaking, real look at the life of a person with Alzheimer's. Could not put it down!

Survival of the sickest [a medical maverick discovers why we need disease - Sharon Moalem]
is a fascinating look into how genes are switched off and on, how these fairly recent discoveries are leading to changes in our understanding of disease and sickness, etc. It's written in a very readable style and would be especially appealing to individuals studying in any of the health professions.

Eat, pray, love (the book) - Elizabeth Gilbert
Ya, I know, there's a movie now But the book was great. Excellent writing, great fleshed out character development and who doesn't like Eating and Loving and...Pray?

All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten [: uncommon thoughts on common things] - Robert Fulghum
"Life altering" - Newsweak
"I love this book" - My Mom
"San Fran-tastic" - Andy Cockburn

Angela's ashes -Frank McCourt

The great gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald!

"Anything" by Alistair MacLeod

Colony of unrequited dreams - great Canadian novel by Wayne Johnston

See a recommended title that you'd like to read? Check our library catalogue to see if we have a copy (and if we don't have a copy, check with the library to see about borrowing a copy from another library!)