Wednesday, September 30, 2009

General Question 4

Part I: Why do you think Proulx included Uncle Mick who has the same gift of prophecy as Luke?
Part II: Why do you think Luke is so reluctant to speak with him?


  1. I don't believe Uncle Mick has the same gift to the extent that Luke has, and I believe Luke feels that way as well. Luke can't tell who is going to call but he can tell who is going to die, different wavelengths.

  2. You're right; their gifts aren't identical, but they both still see the future. I think Uncle Mick is there as an example of someone who struggled with a similar gift. I wish Luke hadn't been so reluctant so there could have been more written about him.

  3. I agree -- I wish the reader could have learned more about Mick, and I think Mick could foretell more than who was calling on the phone. He just didn't tell anyone and moved away from his family, so they wouldn't know. Isn't there mention that Mick came home a few days before one of his and Luke's mother's parents died or was it after?


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